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TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE is the bigger, badder, and more metal sequel to TINY METAL.
Tactical war simulation with an all ages appeal continues with its classic turn-based system that’s easy to understand but difficult to master.

Run amok on the battlefield through intense firefights and a carefully crafted story, rich with history and intrigue. Enjoy the simple, yet brilliantly colorful, units on an adventure through a fully voiced story against a backdrop of beautiful music that promises hours of fun!

Designed for both casual and hardcore players, FULL METAL RUMBLE encourages everyone to engineer their own battle tactics and outwit their enemies!



Accompany a charming cast of characters through 39 campaign maps, packed with risky battles, a twisting story of mystery and tragedy, and increasingly difficult objectives!

The first three maps of the Story Mode is available to play in the DEMO version.


Put finely tuned tactical prowess to the test across 77 maps of varying size, terrain, and difficulty. Choose every unit’s next move wisely and unravel the enemy’s strategy, honing new lessons learned with each battle and refining tactics for future skirmishes.

A selection of exciting new units can be played in the two maps we’re providing in the DEMO version. Enjoy using new tactics as you explore the versatility of these new units!.


Rush into your favorite multiplayer map using the Commander of your choice and battle head to head with thousands of rival tacticians worldwide!

Multiplayer will not be available in the DEMO version of the game.

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Commander Wolfram has chased the shadow of her brother to “Land’s End,” a treacherous mountain range packed heavy with snow. As her investigation into her sibling’s disappearance leads her closer to the quarry, Wolfram’s enemies rain down a siege of bullets and heavy artillery upon her. Leaving the fierce, independent commander at a standstill.

As Wolfram struggles to find her brother, Artemisian Captain Nathan Gries pursues Lost Tech artefacts, while the Zipanese Lord General Tsukumo begins his hunt for a mysterious new enemy hiding a dangerous agenda.

A new stage is set, and the fate of these three entwine on the battlefield...



Commander Wolfram is a fiercely independent soldier with a sharp eye and acting leader of the White Fangs.
Her search for her missing brother, Ragnar, drives her through battle.
Typically, Wolfram is a calm, collected commander, but when her brother and Nathan become involved, she can occasionally lose her cool.

Nathan Gries

A young Captain of Artemisia, Nathan wields a strong sense of justice, earning him the undying trust and respect from those who serve with him.
Nathan’s ultimate goal is to put an end to the Dinoldan’s reign of tyranny, preventing the misuse of Lost Tech artefacts and stopping their excavation efforts around the world before it’s too late.

Isoroku Tsukumo

Lord General Isoroku Tsukumo (“of 3 million stones") is the leading vassal of the Zipanese Shogunate.
A man of few words and respect for the law, he pursues what remains of Dinoldan forces, seeking revenge for their previous attempt to invade his country.


Ragnar is Wolfram's older brother and the enigmatic former leader of the White Fangs mercenary company. Through his supreme mastery of military tactics, strategy, and raw martial skill, he made a legendary name for the White Fangs company throughout the known world.

The official record states he was killed in action during the events of the Zeltzer campaign.


A former White Fang mercenary and second-in-command to Ragnar, Wolfram’s older brother. A true, unbending warrior with ice in her veins that will never relent-no matter the cost.

She has absolute faith in her own beliefs and in Ragnar.


A girl Wolfram met in the Forbidden Alps. Although she seems young, flighty, and a little vulnerable, looks can be deceiving.
She is a member of the Metaclyon Corporation and a skilled mecha pilot. At 16 years old, she is still inexperienced in battle, but determined to be helpful to her friends.
She seems to be desperately protecting something...


A Shadow-Captain in the intelligence unit of the Zipang military.
Kohaku is completely loyal to Lord General Tsukumo.
Capable of handling dangerous duties without complication.
Due to Kohaku's actions, Tsukumo and his soldiers have gained a considerable reputation.


  • Release Date Announcement Trailer
  • Announcement Trailer
  • Announcement Trailer
War Simulation
Nintendo Switch™ / STEAM®
English, French, German, Spanish
Release Date
July 11, 2019

TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE is a download only title.